Glimpse into Luxury is meant to be an invitation to discover what lies beneath the glittering artifices of the luxury industry, in an attempt to highlight instances and objects of genuine luxury, to investigate their relevance and to learn more about the artisans who create them.

Join us as we wander through this universe in a quest for authenticity and excellence. Hopefully these examples will showcase that luxury doesn’t have to be vulgar or decadent, but artistic and transcendent.

Put simply, the beauty of a splendid jewel rests in the humble hands that cut and assemble every gem in perfect harmony, the value of a bespoke suit or pair of shoes lies in the precision of the cut, the knowledge of shape, fabrics and colour.

Luxury can be found in any industry, when objects are made with care and reverence, at a blissfully slow pace, out of the most exquisite materials coming from the best sources. It is the continued tradition, the expertly mastered skill and the passion encapsulated in each step of the production which enables these items to be considered luxurious.

After years of constant look out for companies which adhere to this vision, this project came about naturally as a platform where we can share findings and opinions with others who may be interested in this industry, but also with those who have always despised it. We are hoping these small glimpses into the stories of visionaries and craftsmen will prove interesting to all, and will shed a new light on the meaning of the word “luxury”.


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